Social and behavioral sciences (Economics)

Field of knowledge: 05 Social and behavioral sciences

Specialty: 051 Economics

Educational program: Information technology in business

Educational program 2020

1  semester

SubjectLecturesLab.Practice.For the weekReporting
Economics of sustainable development32164:2Exam
Methodology of Economic Scientific Research32164:2Test
Microeconomic Analysis16322:4Exam
Project management16322:4Exam
Mathematical methods and models of market economy16162:2Exam
Технології Business Intelligence та Data Science16162:2Test
Visual information processing systems 16162:2Test
Course work on specialization Differentiated test

2 semester

SubjectLecturesLab.Practice.For the weekReporting
Макроекономічний аналіз16322:4Exam
Applied Econometrics  16322:4Exam
Tools for measuring and evaluating socio-economic processes16322:4Exam
Technologies for creating software and intelligent systems16322:4Exam
Technologies of Anti-crisis and Intellectual Business Management16162:2Test
Object-oriented Design16162:2Test
Discipline of choice 1 : Competitive Business Monitoring16162:2Test
Industrial practice (specialization) Differentiated test

3 semester

SubjectLecturesLab.Practice.For the weekReporting
Actuarial calculations16162:2Exam
Economics of cloud computing16242:3Exam
SEO and Web-analytics16162:2Test
Software testing methodology16162:2Test
Corporate Information Systems16162:2Test
Industrial (undergraduate) practice Differentiated test