The academic group monitor is a representative of the Dean’s Office and the student council for organizational support of the educational process in the academic group, management of the student body in involving the group in all organizational activities carried out by or on behalf of the Rector’s Office, the Dean’s Office and the student council.

The monitor is chosen by the Dean of the Faculty from the candidates proposed by the academic group. The candidacy of the monitors must be coordinated with the curator (supervisor) of the group, the chairman of the Faculty Council. The candidate for his/her deputy shall be approved by the Dean’s Office.

The academic group monitor can be one of the best students in terms of academic performance, distinguished by high moral qualities, who enjoys authority and respect among students of the group, has a positive impact on the team of the group and is highly social.

Academic group monitors

Advisor (curator) of the academic group is appointed to assist students in the formation of the student group team, conducting individual educational work, communication with the parents, finding out about the problems students come across, providing them with possible assistance, control of the educational process, etc. The curator of the student group can be a teacher who enjoys authority, distinguished by high moral qualities, has outstanding pedagogical skills and organizational abilities and can provide a positive educational impact on students.

Advisors of the academic group