Welcome word

Dear friend!

 We are glad to greet you on the faculty of the financial management and business’ page of  Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

  If you have ever dreamed of becoming a qualified financier or manager, impartial and proficient accountant inspector, or a respectable employee of some fiscal establishment and at the same time of mastering computer or some foreign language and modern technologies – then you are welcome at the faculty of financial management and business.

  We should keep in mind that finance is the foundation of a modern civilized society that is why the preparation of the qualified experts in the financial branch at the faculty aims at grasping the basics of organization and functioning of the financial system, insurance, banking, taxes and taxation, household financial administration, etc. They wait for you in the future in the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of  Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, the National bank of Ukraine, in public institutions governing the functioning of the financial market, as well as leading positions in non-state financial  establishments (including national and international companies; financial institutions and enterprises; insurance and audit companies, customs brokerage offices, etc.).

  Well-informed and fully prepared experts with the professional knowledge of national and international accounting, auditing, financial analysis and the ability to take part in the development of accounting and management informational systems, perform administrative, financial, strategic, social and economic accounting, accounting assessments, with the fulfilling skills of the head of the department, Chief Accountant, Head of Accounting and Reporting, the company manager, a teacher of some educational establishment – this is not just a dream but quite a possible reality. Given the structural changes, the experts rating scale is sharply mounting in the spheres accounting, reporting, auditing.

  It is utterly impossible to imagine a professional lawyer or an economist, an accountant or a designer, a teacher or a manager of the company that directly or indirectly uses computer. That is why informational technologies are becoming the leading trend, despite the economic crisis and recession.

  The demand for professionals in this field is growing. Apart from the economic knowledge, the practical skills will allow to conduct research and analysis of statistical data, develop software, create databases and support them. The graduate will obtain the skills of using the methods of prediction and exploring economic processes, modeling the economy, the distribution of resources of different informational systems.

  And the teachers of the Department of  Economic Cybernetics at the faculty as well as lecturers of the Department of Applied Informatics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Informatics and Automation at Łódź Technical University, based on which students practice annually, will be of great help here.

  The success of the marketing reforms in the state economy, the well-being of your family depends on the people who carry out these changes, and those who will rule them!