Dear friend!

Welcome to the page of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

If you have ever dreamt of becoming a qualified financier, or manager, high-class accountant, auditor, or an important employee of the fiscal authorities and at the same time speaking a foreign language and being knowledgeable in modern technology – then the doors of the Faculty of Finance and Business are open for you.

The Faculty trains qualified specialists in the following:

  • financial sphere, who will have the basics of the organization and functioning of the financial system, insurance, banking, taxes and taxation, financial management of enterprises, households, etc.;
  • areas of accounting and taxation, who will have skills in the development of accounting and information management systems and the implementation of management, financial, strategic, socio-economic accounting, accounting for tax calculations;
  • in the IT sphere, who will have skills in the research of economic processes, analysis of statistical data, software development, creation and maintenance of a database;
  • on public administration and administration, who will be able to participate in management processes at the state and regional levels, in business structures, and implement changes in the country for its sustainable development.