Students self-government


Students  self-government of the faculty of financial management and business of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

On the 10th of September, 2015 as a result of creating the faculty of financial management and business, the students of the faculty held a Conference at which they presented the new project of the Student Council of the faculty. At the presentation the new structure of the Student Council, distribution of the duties according to the departments, possibilities of students at entering the structure and organizational moments were considered. The slogan of the new team is: “Students’ life is a sure step for the start of large people”.

The head of the Student Council is Kh. Biliakovska, a fourth year student and the deputies are the third year students Folvarochnyi Yurii and BirbanNadiia.

The chairman of  the trade union bureau is Tkachuk К.

The Student Council of the faculty of financial management and business of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is a voluntary, independent, unprofitable youth public organization. The Student Council of the faculty carries out its activity in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, decisions of Ministry for education and science of Ukraine.

The aims of activity of the Student Council are:

  • representation and defense of social, economic, creative, spiritual and other interests of students of the faculty;
  • mediation in deciding ploblems  between the administration and students staff  of the faculty.

The structure embraces about 45 students that work in different directions, namely the work of the Board is divided into such departments:

Department for organizational work. Coordinator of the department – YurkivViktoriia.

Tasks of the department:

  • conducting documents and protocols of meetings;
  • public relations;
  • photo- and mediasupoport;
  • co-ordination of activity of groups and group leaders;
  • informing the SC’s participants and sudents about the coming events.

Department for educational and scientific work. Coordinator of the department – Kukhar Nataliia.

Tasks of the department :

  • organization and realization of student conferences, seminars, competitions, olympiads, round table;
  • adjusting communication with student scientific organizations of other Higher educational establishments of Ukraine;
  • preparing suggestions as to rewarding winners and participants of scientific events;
  • assisting educational and scientific activity of students;
  • creating various student scientific groups, societies, associations, clubs;
  • stimulating and encouraging students for successful studies and active part in social work;

Department for  cultural  and leisure activit. Co-ordinator of the department – Ostrytskyi Pavlo.

Tasks of the department :

  • maximal educing and assisting to realize creative capabilities of students;
  • organization of independent artistic activity;
  • providing healthy and useful leisure activity;
  • cooperation with theatres and other establishments of culture;
  • propaganda of the effective use of spare time, realization of appropriate leisure activities among the students;
  • acquaintance with historical and cultural heritage, natural environment.

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