Projects and topics

   The topicality of scientific researches of the faculty finance and business management is oriented on completion of actual tasks in frames of modern development of Ukraine, which is based on need of qualified people in branch of economy, finance and business. At departments of our faculty such researches are being developed and worked on :

Methodology of formation of management decisions with the usage of mathematical methods and informational technologies.

Department of economic cybernetics

Scientific supervisor – PhD of economy  Zmyrkevych A. E.

Competitiveness of the country in conditions of globalization.

Scientific supervisor – PhD of economy, Professor Bitter O. A.

Financial and economical mechanisms and effectiveness of special budget programs in system of health protection in Lviv Region.

Scientific supervisor – PhD of economy Romaniv E. M.

Department of accounting and auditing.

Budget and taxes policy of activization of enterprise in strategy of competitiveness of national economy.

Department of state and local finances.

Scientific supervisor – PhD of economy Sytnyk N. S.

Financial questions of retirement of Ukrainian citizens as a component of state policy.

Department of economic theory.

Scientific supervisor – PhD of economy Gupalo O. H.

Financial background for the development of suburb areas of Lviv.

Department of finances of entities.

Scientific supervisor – PhD of economy Vaskivska K. V.

Development of identification characteristics , evaluation and management of the state patriotism of the nation on the basis of quantity and in conditions of reformatting of government forces.

Department of economy and management

Scientific supervisor – PhD of economy Karpinskiy B. A.

Project on the program of Jan Mone  575241-EPP-1-2016-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE “Economy in European integration : inner challenges and outer area”

Department of economic theory

The team of the project  :

Coordinator of the project – Vasyl Zelenko

Academic coordinator – Oleg Gupalo

Manager concerning administrational questions – Nataliya Vasylyeva