Free choice courses

– According to Temporary Principles for organization of studying in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, which were resolved by University Scientific Board on November 25th,  2015, report №9/11 (item 2.3), the students of the Financial Management and Business Faculty are allowed to choose subjects to include them into individual curriculum.

– Those subjects are obligatory to choose for students and form the common amount of credits which are demanded by the occupational programs of teaching bachelors.

– A student has a right to free choice of the course which reflects his interests and plans for future occupation. Such approach allows to create non-typical objects (things) (professional competences) from typical elements (subjects).

– A student has to collect certain amount of subject credits during the terms.

– As for vocational (occupational) subjects  the student has to choose them according to the chosen direction of his studying.

– The least amount of students for selective subject is 25 persons (except cases when there is less amount of students in the group of definite specialization).

– The information about selective subjects is placed (located) on the faculty website.

– The recording to selective courses and giving applications are going to be from March 5th till  March 30th at the Faculty Dean’s Office in 3 Kopernyk Street.

– The application must be given to the Dean’s Office in set form.

To see the list of free choice courses click here.