Student Trade Union

The Trade Union of the Faculty of Finance and Business Administration of I. Franko National University of Lviv is a structural element of the University Trade Union Committee, a voluntary organization of students, the main purpose of which is to create an enabling environment for self-realization of students and protect their rights.

Since 24.09.2020 the Chairman of the Faculty’s Trade Union is Maria Kazakova, whie Khrystyna Kurchak is her deputy.

There are 15 students who work in the social, academic, cultural and media departments.

If you become a union member, the following options are available for you:

  • Granting and protecting your rights at all levels of the University;
  • Receiving financial aid for socially disadvantaged categories of students or payment of Incentives for active scientific, cultural, social and sports activities;
  • Assistance in applying for a social scholarship;
  • International student ISIC card issuance;
  • Discounts or free tickets to events in the city;
  • Organization of effective and interesting leisure time for students;
  • Help and support in situations when you are in need.