About the faculty

The faculty of financial management and business trains to master the knowledge, think and use effectively the theoretical knowledge in practice

Give me a good policy and I will give you good money.
Jacques Turgot

 The mission of the Faculty of financial management and business at Ivan Franko  National  University of  Lviv  is  educational, researching and innovational activity  targeting at shaping a creative, fully developed personality, a real professional for scientific and practical work in the field of finance and business,  state finance and fiscal authorities, funds, investment companies, financial institutions, enterprises of different ownership and activities, scientific and educational institutions of the state in order to advance  Ukraine’s integration into the world economic market as an equal partner, including the market of educational services.
 The strategic goal of the faculty’s development consists in improving the quality of training the experts  to a level that will provide them the opportunity to take a worthy place in society  and work successfully according to the profession in building up  a society that is based on the global knowledge economics; improving the quality of teaching subjects and modernization of the educational process in accordance with the national doctrine of educational development; integration into the European and world educational and scientific community, strengthening and expanding relationships with scientists in Ukraine and abroad, the all-round development of scientific activities, in particular scientific school; strengthening and building up the relationships with other universities and the financial system of Ukraine; education and harmonious development of personality,  students’ obtaining of the  social experience, the formation of young people’s intelligent spiritual, moral, aesthetic, legal, labor, environmental culture.
A necessary condition for successful competition in the local and global market of knowledge is determining the strategic objectives of the faculty:

  • formation and keeping the competitive status of the faculty in preparing competent and competitive specialists in finance and business.
  • Formation of highly skilled professionals in finance and business – elite of society in the economic sphere;
  • providing, taking into account the development of science and labor market requirements, the compliance of the educational programs with the needs of the state and society;
  • intensification of the educational process owing to broad implementation of information and communication technologies and reducing the proportion of reproductive component;
  • introducing a system of motivation of teaching staff to improve curriculum and guarantee the proper quality of education;
  • diversification of the sources of the funding educational activities as the basis of real academic autonomy and a necessary condition for renewal of material and technical base for teaching and research;
  • formation of the most effective system of selection of the most talented young people to study both by graduates of vocational guidance (on education), and as a result of continuous development of an integrated system of selection and training of students according to the scheme “College – University”;
  • providing the confidence of the labor market to the qualifications given to the graduates of the faculty.

History of financial management and business faculty at Ivan Franko  National  University of  Lviv traces back to 2015.
The faculty is located in two buildings – the city center, in the known since the imperial era street of  aristocrats, bankers and financiers – Kopernyk, 3, and in Street of Medova Pechera, 53.

  Our staff.  The teachers impart  to students their knowledge and professional experience in order to cherish the erudite professionals, patriots and citizens who work consciously for the development of Ukraine’s financial system. Eight departments  carry out the educational process: State and local finance, Financial entities, International economics and the theory of finance, Accounting and audit, Economic cybernetics, Economic theory, Mathematical methods in economics, Economics and management, which of them give 9 professors and doctors, 55 associate professors and PhDs.  The leading experts of financial, fiscal, regulatory authorities, banks, insurance companies, enterprises, educational establishments, health institutions and others also take part in teaching, management practices, guiding diploma papers.

  The high academic status of our faculty demands not only high-quality training for the needs of Ukraine’s financial system, but also research. An important component is the research work of teachers and students. The scientists of the institution conduct fundamental research on the formation and development of the financial system, optimization of the tax system of Ukraine, investment policy at the national and regional levels, participate in research projects. Faculty develops scientific and business contacts with foreign universities and scientific institutions of economics in particular with the Technical University (Lodz, Poland), Higher School of  Economics and Administering. Professor Edward Lipinski (Poland), State Higher Professional School (Jaroslaw, Poland), Higher Professional School of the University of Applied Sciences (Lyauzits, Germany) and others.

  Leisure of students. For the purpose of moral and aesthetic education of students in close relationship with the traditions of Ukrainian people important informative and interesting educational activities are held such as: the solemn Dedication of the first-year  students,  carrying out the University Days, meeting with the graduates ,faculty staff solemn conferences devoted to the Day of Holodomor victims , Ukraine Unification Day, Memorial Day of Krut Heroes, anniversary of the UPA, meetings with prominent political figures, theatrical festival “St. Andrew evenings”, concerts, Christmas and Easter celebrations.  It has become traditional for our faculty to  hold the annual holiday of the “Native language”, thematic nights “O word native, eagle bound”, “You, my wonder Kalinowe – charming Ukrainian language”, “My nation,  I’ll come back to you …”, Shevchenko days; organize debates, round tables on issues of culture communication, speech etiquette, there are various art groups, clubs and hobby groups: vocal ensemble “Marjoram”, ensemble of pop song “Waterfall”, a drama group “Golden word”, ensemble of variety dance “Echo”, a circle of instrumental music.
      Sport. The faculty  includes 12 sport sections  of various sports, sports competitions are held among students of different courses, study groups of various sporting games, armwrestling, sports tourism, orienteering, athletics. Hiking with elements of organized sports and interesting relay races are organized. The winners are awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts, as a rule in a festive atmosphere. We can see constantly the names of the competition winners on bulletin boards. The mixed united teams of faculty traditionally take part in the competitions according to the  program of the regional Universiade in 12 kinds of sport .

  Material-technical base. Teaching process is organized in two academic buildings in the street Medova Pechera, 53  and Copernicus, 3, which are equipped with more than 60 classrooms, nine computer labs, library with reading rooms, conference hall, technical training center, sports hall, gym, rooms for study groups.
Students  occupy the campus in the street. Pluzhnyk, 2 build for 344 seats. Many areas, where students live look like  the style of folk traditions inherent in our region. Woven carpets, embroidered towels, tablecloths, napkins are used there.

    Employment of graduates. Graduates work in the institutions of the State Fiscal Service, the State Treasury, the State Financial Inspectorate, the Accounting Chamber, the Customs Service of Ukraine, enterprises and organizations of different ownership and activities.
Powerful learning and material , technical base of scientific and pedagogical staff, the updated content of training programs, introduction of modern information technologies contribute to effective professional development and formation of personality of a future specialist. The best students are rewarded with  the  namely scholarships of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and regional state administration.