About the faculty

The mission of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is to conduct educational, research and innovation activities aimed at creating a creative, well-rounded individual, foundations, investment companies, financial and credit institutions, enterprises of different forms of ownership and activities, educational institutions of the state for further integration of Ukraine into the global economic space as an equal partner, including in the market of pre-sales services.

The faculty has six departments:

Economics and public administration;

Accounting, analysis and control;

Public administration and business management;

Financial management;

Financial technology and consulting;

Digital economics and business analytics.

The Faculty trains specialists in such educational programs as “Finance, Customs and Taxation”, “Financial Management”, “Information Technologies in Business”, “Accounting, Analysis and Financial Investigations”, “Public Administration and Business Management”, “Human Resource Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures”. More than 80 professors, among whom there are more than 20 professors and PhDs, more than 60 associate professors and PhDs – all of them help the applicants to successfully master the knowledge in their chosen field, as well as encourage participation in the scientific life of the university.

Applicants for higher education of the faculty are annual participants and winners of prestigious Ukrainian and international conferences, competitions and contests. The best of them are awarded with scholarships of the Cabinet of Ministers and the President of Ukraine. Students who excel in education and have proven themselves in scientific and social work can receive personal scholarships.

The Faculty additionally offers higher education applicants to participate in academic mobility programmes within the framework of university-wide partnership agreements with foreign universities. Academic mobility creates opportunities for participants in the educational process to study, intern or carry out research activities at another institution of higher education (academic institution) in Ukraine or abroad. Every year, representatives of the Faculty are involved in the academic mobility programmes of ZHEU Lithuania, Poland, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, etc.

Professional skills of candidates for higher education are obtained within the framework of internship and pre-graduation practice in the State Tax Service, State Customs Service, Audit Chamber, foreign companies and firms, banks, insurance and other financial institutions, small and medium businesses, IT companies, SEO companies, outsourcing companies, retail companies, SMM agencies, state and local authorities, legal services and financial investigation bodies, etc.

Our graduates are highly qualified specialists in finance and business and have wide opportunities for employment both in Ukraine and abroad.