The history of the Faculty of Financial and Business Management within Ivan Franko National University of Lviv dates back to 2015.

The Faculty is located in two buildings – in the city center, in the street of aristocrats, bankers and financiers known since the imperial times  – 3 Kopernyka St. and in 53 Medova Pechera St.

   The mission of the Faculty of Finance and Business – educational, research and innovation activities aimed at forming a creative, well-developed personality, a true professional for scientific and practical work in finance and business: in public finance and fiscal authorities, funds, investment companies, financial and credit institutions, enterprises of various forms of ownership and activities, scientific, educational institutions of the state in order to further integrate Ukraine into the world economic space as an equal partner, including in the market of educational services.

   The strategic goal of the Faculty development is to improve the quality of training to the level that will provide the graduates with the opportunity to take a worthy place in society and successfully work in the field of building a society based on the global knowledge economy; raising the level of teaching disciplines and modernizing the educational process in accordance with the national doctrine of educational development; integration into the European and world educational and scientific space, strengthening and expanding ties with scientists of Ukraine and abroad, comprehensive development of scientific activity, in particular scientific school; strengthening and building relationships with other higher education institutions and bodies of the financial system of Ukraine; education and harmonious development of personality, acquisition by students of social experience, formation in youth of developed spirituality, moral, aesthetic, legal, labor, ecological culture.