Methodology of Economic Scientific Research

Type: Normative

Department: department of digital economics and business analytics




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
932Associate Professor Starukh A. I.УФЕМ-51с


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
916УФЕМ-51сAssociate Professor Starukh A. I.

Course description

Intensive economic development, increasing the volume of research, design and experimental work and, in turn, the ever-increasing volume of scientific information, as well as its critical understanding, requires opportune and effective decisions. To develop such solutions requires constant research and experimentation. To solve successfully the tasks it is necessary to master the methodology of organizing economic research.

That is why in modern conditions the training of highly qualified scientists with high professional and theoretical level, capable to fulfil independent creative work, acquires serious importance.

The subject of the discipline “Methodology of economic research” is the system and the process of economic research.

The goal of studying the discipline “Methodology of economic research” is to form a system of knowledge on the economic research methods and techniques.

The objectives of the discipline “Methodology of economic research” are:

  • coverage of theoretical foundations, issues of methodology, technology and organization of research activities;
  • formation of the theoretical and practical basis for effective, qualified student’s economic research both in the process of studying at the university and in practice.

Requirements for knowledge and skills

a) to know:

  • patterns of science development and methodology of economic research;
  • methodological foundations of modern science;
  • categorical apparatus of science methodology;
  • types and forms of research work;
  • technology of scientific research organization;
  • levels and methods of scientific research;
  • special methods of economic research;
  • structure and main stages of research work.

b) to be able:

  • to form a research problem;
  • to develop, substantiate and prove scientific hypotheses;
  • to formulate the goal and objectives, object and subject of economic research;
  • to build logicallyresearch in accordance with its purpose and objectives;
  • to work with sources of information, analyze theoretical and experimental data, formulate conclusions and proposals, draw up the results of economic research.

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