Master’s Degree 071 Accounting and Taxation

Field of knowledge: 07 Management and administration

Specialty: 071 Accounting and Taxation

Educational program 2020

11th semester


SubjectLecturesLab.Practice.For the weekReporting
Forensic accounting examination32162:1Test
Research methodology in accounting, auditing and taxation32162:1Test
Accounting and taxation by type of economic activity32162:1Exam
Organization and methods of audit32162:1Exam
Professional ethics and standards in accounting and auditing32162:1Exam
Crimes in the field of economic activity32162:1Exam
Organization of accounting and optimization of taxation32162:1Exam


12 semester

SubjectLecturesLab.Practice.For the weekReporting
Financial control in economic sectors16161:1Differentiated test
Financial analysis32162:1Exam
Analysis by type of economic activity32162:1Test
Accounting and reporting by international standards32162:1Exam
Accounting policy of the enterprise32162:1Test
Strategic accounting and analysis32162:1Exam
Accounting in the management of economic entities32162:1Exam


13 semester

SubjectLecturesLab.Practice.For the weekReporting
Audit by type of economic activity24161.5:1Test
International taxation1681:0.5Test
Reporting of enterprises according to European standards1681:0.5Test
Digital technologies in accounting and taxation32162:1Іспит
Organization and methods of financial investigations24161.5:1Іспит