Research methodology in accounting, auditing and taxation

Type: Normative

Department: department of accounting, analysis and control




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
916Professor Romaniv Y. M.УФОМ-51с


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
916УФОМ-51сProfessor Romaniv Y. M.

Course description


Research methodology in accounting, auditing and taxation

(name of academic discipline)


(normative / selective)


The subject of the discipline

Subject of the discipline: the system of general principles and approaches of scientific knowledge, methods, technologies of knowledge related to scientific and practical activities in the field of accounting, auditing and taxation.

The purpose of the discipline

The purpose of the discipline: to acquaint students with the methods of scientific research in accounting, auditing and taxation, taking into account the specifics of these disciplines, to teach the generalization and design of research results, training and involvement of students in research, acquainting them with research strategy and tactics , providing them with certain knowledge on the methodology, methods and techniques and tools of research and preparation of publications, qualification papers, abstracts or presentations.


The main tasks

To develop students’ ability to apply new methods of socio-economic research, which are based on the ideas and principles of a systematic approach, synergetics and hermeneutics.


The place of the discipline in the structural and logical scheme of preparation of bachelors / masters

This academic discipline belongs to the section of disciplines of preparation of the master of a cycle of normative disciplines. The study of the discipline “Methodology of research in accounting, auditing and taxation” is based on knowledge of theory and practice of economics, finance, economic analysis, accounting disciplines (financial, management, budget accounting), auditing and taxation.


Requirements for competencies, knowledge and skills

As a result of studying the discipline, the student must have the following competencies:


– ability to learn and master modern knowledge;

– ability to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis;

– ability to work in a team or independently;

– ability to communicate in the state language both orally and in writing;

– skills of using modern information systems in communication technologies;

– ability to conduct research at the appropriate level;

– ability to act socially responsibly and consciously.



– the ability to study trends in economic development using the tools of macro- and microeconomic analysis, to make generalizations regarding the assessment of the manifestation of individual phenomena that are inherent in modern processes in the economy;

– use mathematical tools to study socio-economic processes, solving applied problems in the field of accounting, analysis, control, audit, taxation;

– to analyze the economic activity of the enterprise and financial analysis in order to make management decisions;

– understand the peculiarities of the practice of analyzing the activities of enterprises on the basis of financial statements and correctly interpret the information obtained for management decisions;

– to demonstrate understanding of the requirements for professional activity, due to the need to ensure sustainable development of Ukraine, its strengthening as a democratic, social, legal state.

The study of the discipline “Methodology of scientific research in accounting, auditing and taxation” involves the achievement of such a qualification level of training, for which he must:

a) know:

that the search for truth in science has an organized and purposeful nature of specific research;
that scientific discovery is the result of creative search, which uses intuitive and logical, empirical and theoretical, deductive and non-deductive reasoning, heuristic and algorithmic methods and research tools;
methods of analysis and construction of theories, which have a central role in modern scientific knowledge;
the concept and procedure for conducting research;
the order of selection and formulation of the problem and topic of scientific research;
the concept of science and scientific activity;
ability to find information and select material;
formulation of a research plan.

b) be able to:

analyze a scientific problem and find algorithms for its solution;
formulate a hypothesis, heuristically evaluate, derive from it empirically tested consequences, compare with the data of experience and practice;
have methods and techniques of scientific research;
have the forms and principles of organization of research work of students;
apply the acquired knowledge for further scientific activity, study of other disciplines.


The content of the discipline by topic

Topic number


Name topics

Topic 1. The concept of research methodology in accounting, auditing and taxation
Topic 2. Basic methods of scientific research in economics
Topic 3. Methodology of scientific research in accounting
Topic .4. Features of research in auditing
Topic 5. Organization of research in taxation
Topic 6. Generalization and registration of results of scientific researches in the account, audit and the taxation

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