Accounting and taxation by type of economic activity

Type: Normative

Department: department of accounting, analysis and control




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
932Associate Professor Shot A. P.УФОМ-51с


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
916УФОМ-51сAssociate Professor Shot A. P.

Course description


Accounting and taxation by type of economic activity

(name of academic discipline)

Normative discipline of specialization

(normative / selective)


(cycle of disciplines according to the curriculum)

The subject of the discipline

Accounting for financial and economic activities of enterprises of various types of economic activity, as well as taxation of the results of their activities.

The purpose of the discipline

Formation of a system of basic knowledge in the field of accounting and taxation of economic entities related to various types of economic activity.


The main tasks


understanding the conceptual foundations of the general system and special tax regimes;
acquisition of skills of accrual and payment of taxes (mandatory payments) and fees under different taxation systems of business entities;
mastering the basic principles and features of accounting for enterprises of different types of economic activity;
mastering the skills of self-reflection in the accounting of operations in trade, agriculture, construction and transport organizations, etc.


The place of the discipline in the structural and logical scheme of preparation of bachelors / masters

The discipline “Accounting and Taxation by Type of Economic Activity” is a normative discipline for the preparation of masters in accounting and taxation. It forms a knowledge base and is interconnected with such disciplines as “Financial Accounting”, “Financial Analysis”, “Organization of Accounting and Tax Optimization”, “Strategic Management Accounting”, “Reporting of Enterprises”, “Accounting in Industries”, “Financial control in the economy” and others.


Requirements for competencies, knowledge and skills

As a result of studying the discipline, the student must have the following competencies:


ability to identify, pose and solve problems;
ability to communicate in a foreign language;
skills of using information and communication technologies;
ability to conduct research at the appropriate level;
ability to generate new ideas (creativity);
ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources;
ability to work in an international context;
ability to communicate with representatives of other professional groups of different levels (with experts from other fields of knowledge / types of economic activity);
appreciation and respect for diversity and multiculturalism;
ability to act on the basis of ethical considerations (motives);
ability to evaluate and ensure the quality of work performed.



the ability to form and use accounting information to make effective management decisions at all levels of enterprise management in order to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and social responsibility of business;
ability to organize the accounting process and regulate the activities of its executors in accordance with the requirements of enterprise management;
ability to organize the accounting process and regulate the activities of its executors in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and management of the enterprise;
ability to apply theoretical, methodological and practical approaches to the organization of accounting, control, planning and optimization of tax calculations.
ability to prepare financial statements in accordance with international standards, correctly interpret, disclose and use relevant information to make effective management decisions;
ability to formulate tasks, improve methods and implement modern methods of financial and management accounting, analysis, audit and taxation in accordance with the strategic objectives of the enterprise;
ability to perform administrative and managerial functions in the sphere of activity of economic entities, public sector bodies.
ability to carry out activities to advise the owners, management of the enterprise and other users of information in the field of accounting, analysis, control, audit, taxation;

– ability to conduct research in order to solve current problems of theory, methodology, organization and practice of accounting, auditing, analysis, control and taxation.

The study of the discipline “Accounting and taxation by type of economic activity” involves the achievement of such a qualification level of training, for which he must:



normative and legal documents that regulate the accounting and taxation of business transactions in trade, agriculture, transport and construction, tourism and hotel business;
features of the organization of the account of the enterprises of various kinds of economic activity;
features of SGP taxation by types of activity and taxation systems.

be able:

correctly apply tax legislation, taking into account the peculiarities of taxation of enterprises of different types of economic activity;
to apply in practice legislative and normative materials on accounting in trade, transport, agricultural and construction and other enterprises;
to solve problems of different types of complexity regarding the accounting and taxation of operations at enterprises of different types of economic activity;


The content of the discipline by topic


Topic number


Name topics

Topic 1 Organization of accounting and taxation of SRS by types of economic activity
Topic 2 Features of accounting and taxation of agricultural producers
Topic 3 Accounting and taxation of construction companies
Topic 4 Features of accounting and taxation in commercial enterprises
Topic 5 Features of accounting and taxation of freight forwarding activities
Topic 6 Features of accounting and taxation of tourism and hotel business


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