Volodymyr Sytnyk

Research interests

Sphere of scientific interests: information technologies for the national economy; informatization and information society; informatization of education; The role of the IT sphere in the modern Ukrainian economy.



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Born: September 4, 1961 in Sambir, Lviv Region.

He studied at school № 1 in Sambir, Sambir technical college of mechanization accounting, NU “Lviv Polytechnic” at the Faculty of Automation (specialty – “ECM”).

In 1980 he occupied the position of senior computer technician of ECM Center in Lviv Region.

1985 – 1986 he was working at the Design and Construction Bureau of electrohydraulics (Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv region).

1987-1989 he was a lecturer at Sambir Technical College of Accounting Mechanization.

1989-1990 he was an engineer of the SCS microelectronics and instrument making in Lviv.

Since 1990 – lecturer of special disciplines of Lviv financial technical college, and since 1999 – head of the information technology center of Lviv State Financial and Economic Institute.

Since 2001 – head of the department at Lviv State Financial and Economic Institute, and later at Lviv State Financial Academy.

Since 2015 – engineer of the 1 category of the Department of Economic Cybernetics at the Faculty of Finance Management and Business.

He teaches the following disciplines: “Informatics”, “Systems software versions management “, “Methodology of software systems design”.


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