Meeting of section 2 “Use of information technologies in researches of the social and economic phenomena” of a student’s scientific circle “Cyberspace”

27.11.2021 | 12:06

Meeting of the student scientific group “Cyberspace” on “Discrimination in Ukrainian business: ageism, sexism, luxury” took place on the platform MS Teams November 25, 2021.


The discussion on the presence of these discrimination in the IT sphere, as well as on IT stereotypes based on appearance, joined:

  • Katya Perhun (UFE-41s) – HR/Office manager in IT company Clover Dynamics;
  • Chrystyna Kurchak (UFE-41s) – Junior Software Engineer, Java Hybris developer in IT company EPAM.

The participants of the meeting were students of 1-5 courses of the specialty 051 “Economics” of educational programs “Information technologies in business” of higher education of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education.

The moderator of the event and the head of section 2 “The use of information technology in the study of socio-economic phenomena” Iryna Shevchuk – Head of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

The result of the work of the student scientific circle “Cyberspace” will be the writing of scientific papers, articles, participation of applicants for higher education in competitions of scientific works, conferences and competitions of regional, national and international levels.