Type: Normative

Department: department of economics and public management




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
432Associate Professor Kaplenko  H. V.УФФ-21с, УФФ-22с, УФФ-23с, УФФ-24с, УФФ-25с, УФЕ-21с, УФО-21с, УФП-21с, УФП-22с


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
432УФФ-21сPodvirna N. S.
УФФ-22сPodvirna N. S.
УФФ-23сNahornyuk Oksana Petrivna
УФФ-24сNahornyuk Oksana Petrivna
УФФ-25сNahornyuk Oksana Petrivna
УФЕ-21сAssociate Professor Malinovska  O. Y.
УФО-21сAssociate Professor Malinovska  O. Y.
УФП-21сAssociate Professor Malinovska  O. Y.
УФП-22сAssociate Professor Kaplenko  H. V.

Course description

The subject of the discipline is the size and quantitative ratios of mass phenomena and processes in the economy and the regularities of their formation, the development of communication.


The purpose of the discipline: mastering theoretical knowledge about the essence and principles of statistical methods of analysis, the relationship between the stages of statistical research, methods of collecting and preparing data for statistical analysis, the principles of constructing and using basic stochastic methods for analyzing socio-economic phenomena and processes, collecting, systematizing and classifying statistical information in order to solve specific problems of analyzing economic and social development.


The main tasks of the discipline are familiarization with the main categories, concepts, techniques and methods for assessing socio-economic phenomena and processes occurring in society; study of the principles of organization of statistical surveys, processing and summary of data; acquisition of practical skills in calculating and interpreting statistical indicators, analyzing arrays of statistical data, measuring the intensity of dynamics and communication density; formation of the ability to determine the factors that form the level, variation and development of social phenomena and the assessment of the strength of their influence, creative search for ways to improve the production and economic activity of enterprises, socio-economic development of society using the main indicators, techniques and methods of statistics; study of domestic and world experience and implementation of statistical research.


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