Macroeconomic analysis

Type: Normative

Department: department of digital economics and business analytics




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1016Associate Professor Borshchuk  I. V.УФЕМ-51с

Laboratory works

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1032УФЕМ-51сAssociate Professor Borshchuk  I. V.

Course description

The subject of the academic discipline

The subject of the discipline “Macroeconomic analysis” is the theoretical-methodological, methodological and organizational-economic aspects of the functioning of the national economy and the formation of the main mechanisms of its regulation.

The purpose of the educational discipline

The purpose of studying the discipline “Macroeconomic analysis” is the formation of knowledge and skills regarding the methodological and methodical bases of conducting macroeconomic analysis, theoretical knowledge of the functioning of the national economy and practical skills in analyzing the state of the main macro markets of the country based on indicators of the national economy , researching their relationships and forecasting development countries in the future.

 Main tasks

The main tasks of the discipline “Macroeconomic analysis”: mastering the basic principles of economic analysis of the functioning of the national economy; mastering the skills of independent analysis of the state of the national economy and forecasting on this basis the further development of the country using computer technology and software-mathematical complexes.

The place of the educational discipline in the structural and logical scheme

The discipline “Macroeconomic analysis” is interconnected with such disciplines as “Microeconomic analysis”, “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics”, “Management”, “Economic analysis”.

Requirements for knowledge and skills:

The study of an academic discipline involves the achievement of such a qualification level of student training, for which he must:

a) to know

– essence, goals and methods of macroeconomic analysis;

– the structure of the national economy, its characteristics according to various characteristics;

– the main structural connections and correlations of the national economy;

– the mechanism of economic balance in the national economy;

– indicators of the state of commodity, monetary, stock, currency and labor markets, and their interrelationships;

– macroeconomic indicators of dynamics and production capabilities;

– macro aspects of the country’s economic security;

– macroeconomic dependencies, macroeconomic disparities;

– evaluate the impact of exchange rate changes and macroeconomic indicators of the country ;

– specific methods and techniques used to analyze social and economic statistical information at the micro and macro levels;

– methods and techniques of economic analysis of social processes and phenomena;

– principles of evaluation and analysis of socio-economic information related to the development of regional markets;

b) to be able to

– analyze the structure of the national economy according to various criteria;

– to study trends in the development of the economy using the tools of macroeconomic analysis;

– to calculate indicators that comprehensively characterize the state of the national commodity market: the ratio and state of the main sectors of the economy, the dynamics of the volume of commodity production, the level of competitiveness and monopolization of the commodity market;

– analyze the development of industry and agriculture;

– research equilibrium models on the commodity market;

– take into account the time factor in the estimation of cash flows;

– to investigate equilibrium models in the financial market;

– evaluate the impact of exchange rate changes on the macroeconomic indicators of the country;

– use modern information systems and information technologies to solve analytical and research tasks;

– present, transform and analyze economic data in tabular and graphical form;

– analyze economic processes (problems) taking into account their conditioning by the social context, as well as taking into account the negative impact of the economy on it;

– identify two-way connections between economic and social processes at different levels.

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