Business Economics

Type: Normative

Department: department of financial management




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
432Professor Sytnyk N. S.УФФ-21с, УФФ-22с, УФФ-23с
432Professor Sytnyk N. S.УФФ-24с, УФФ-25с


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
448УФФ-21сAssociate Professor Klepanchuk Olha Yuriivna
448УФФ-22сAssociate Professor Klepanchuk Olha Yuriivna
448УФФ-23сAssociate Professor Klepanchuk Olha Yuriivna
448УФФ-24сAssociate Professor Yasinovska  . F.
448УФФ-25сAssociate Professor Yasinovska  . F.

Course description

“Business Economics” is a normative discipline of the cycle of professional and practical training of students in the field of knowledge 07 “Management and Administration”, specialty 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”. The study of the discipline consists of a lecture course, seminars and practical classes, independent work of students and the implementation of individual research work.

The subject of the discipline are methods and ways of rational combination and effective use of all elements of the production process at the enterprise level.
The purpose of studying the discipline is the formation of basic knowledge of the basics of the mechanism of the enterprise in modern domestic conditions and the acquisition by students of practical skills for their application in the future profession.

The tasks of studying the discipline are:

  • Acquisition of thorough knowledge of the main sections of applied economics;
  • acquisition of skills aimed at obtaining pre-defined business results through the effective use of labor, material, intangible, financial and investment resources of the enterprise;
  • application of practical skills in making scientifically sound management decisions in a market economy;
  • ensuring expanded self-reproduction on the basis of investment and innovation model of development;
  • disclosed and mastered the mechanism of planning, organization and efficient management at the enterprise level.

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