Olena Sidelnuk

Position: Acting Chairperson, Department of Financial Technologies and Consulting

Scientific degree: Candidate of Economic Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Email: sidelnyk.olena@lnu.edu.ua

Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com

ORCID profile: orcid.org

Web of Science (Publons) profile: www.webofscience.com

Research interests

the banking system, management of competitiveness of financial institutions, modern technologies in the banking business


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2018 – internship National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, Department of Finance reference of National University “Lviv Polytechnic” dated 15.06.2018 (180 hours)

2014 – awarded the academic title of associate professor of the Department of Banking

2010 – defense of a candidate’s thesis on the specialty “Money, Finance and Credit”

2001 – graduated from the Ternopil Academy of National Economy, majoring in “Banking”

1999 – graduated from the Lviv College of Banking, majoring in “Finance, Money and Credit”

1995 – graduated from secondary school No. 87 in Lviv.


2022 – Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Technologies and Consulting of I. Franko LNU

2017-2022 – Associate Professor of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, University of Banking

2015-2017 – Associate Professor of the Banking Department of the Lviv Educational and Scientific Institute of the State University of Banking, University of Banking

2013-2015 – associate professor, lecturer, Department of Banking, Lviv Institute of Banking, University of Banking, NBU

2009-2013 – Senior Lecturer of the Department of Banking at the Lviv Institute of Banking at the University of Banking at the NBU

2004-2009 – assistant professor of banking department of Lviv Banking Institute

2001-2004 – methodologist of the international department of the Lviv Banking Institute


Honorary certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2019;

Diploma of honor of the Lviv Regional State Administration, 2015.


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