Small Business Finance Management

Type: For the student's choice

Department: department of financial management




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616Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F., ,
616Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F., ,


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
616Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F.
Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F.
Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F.
616Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F.
Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F.
Associate Professor Yasinovska  . F.

Course description

The Small Business Finance Management course reveals the essence and basics of small business financial management. The course is aimed at mastering the basics of business finance, the general principles of financial management, which determine the success of business; understanding of important indicators of small business, their analysis and interpretation in order to make the right management decisions. Studying the discipline will give an understanding of how to calculate its costs, profitability, take into account risks at the start of a business project, make the necessary calculations to attract financial resources, effective implementation of business ideas.

The subject of the discipline «Small Business Finance Management» is a system of financial and economic relations that arise in the process of small businesses.

The purpose of the course is to master the necessary theoretical foundations, methodological approaches and skills to build a system of financial mechanisms for the formation and use of financial resources in small business, based on its inherent features.

The objectives of the course «Small Business Finance Management» are:

– mastering by students of knowledge of theoretical bases of finances of subjects of small business;

– acquired the ability to form a business model, structure financial information for the needs of business entities;

– mastering the basic principles of attracting, forming and efficient use of financial resources;

– acquired ability to identify and manage business risks;

– mastering the skills of calculating the main financial and economic indicators of the business entity, drawing conclusions, using the information obtained to make the right management decisions.

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