Entry to the profession

Type: Normative

Department: department of financial management




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
132Kruhlyakova V. V.УФФ-11с, УФФ-12с, УФФ-13с
132Kruhlyakova V. V.УФФ-14с, УФФ-15с


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
116УФФ-11сKruhlyakova V. V.
УФФ-12сKruhlyakova V. V.
УФФ-13сKruhlyakova V. V.
УФФ-14сKruhlyakova V. V.
УФФ-15сKruhlyakova V. V.

Course description

“Entry to the profession” is a normative discipline of specialization “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” and is compiled in accordance with the educational program for students majoring in 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”.

The purpose of studying the discipline “Entry to the profession” is to form students’ ideas about the future specialty, knowledge systems on the theoretical and practical foundations of financial management with the help of financial intermediaries and analysis of financial services.

The task of the discipline is to study the needs of consumers and opportunities to meet them in the financial services market by various financial institutions; determination of the main directions of the state policy in the field of regulation of the financial relations arising in the market of financial services.

Recommended Literature

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