Conceptual principles of public administration and administration

Type: Normative

Department: department of economics and public management




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
98Professor Parubchak I. O.УФПМ-11з, УФПМ-12з


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
98УФПМ-11зProfessor Parubchak I. O.

Course description

The purpose of studying the discipline “Conceptual principles of public administration” is to form the ability to solve complex problems in the field of public administration and administration of social processes and relations, including research and innovation, which involves a deep rethinking of existing and creating new holistic knowledge in applicants for higher education. Modern concepts of public administration today are an integral part of the effective functioning of a developed country and are considered by the world community as a key criterion for good socio-political governance, which determines the importance of studying the discipline “Conceptual principles of public administration”.

The main tasks of the discipline: generalization of theoretical principles in the field of public administration, understanding of the main trends and directions of their evolution; definition of the essence, laws, principles and mechanisms of public administration in the development of society; mastering the basics of methodology, technologies and procedures of public management of public facilities; mastering the methods of formation, monitoring and control of management decisions at the national, regional and local levels, as well as at the level of public entities, from the standpoint of general civilizational values, world experience and understanding of scientific achievements; formation of skills of development and implementation of measures to ensure the effective and efficient operation of public entities.


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