Internship of teachers of the department of digital economy and business analytics on the topic “Progressive teaching: components of the quality system of higher education”

02.05.2023 | 12:16

From March 15 to April 19, 2023, Iryna SHEVCHUK, head of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, the guarantor of the educational program “Information Technologies in Business” of the second (master’s) level of higher education, specialty 051 “Economics”, completed the advanced training course “Progressive Teaching: components of the quality system of higher education”, organized by the NGO “Progressylni”.


A series of online meetings took place in various formats (lectures, public talk, discussions, training), at which speakers, including representatives of the Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine, experts in the field of education, external stakeholders (representatives of employers, recruiting agencies) highlighted such important topics as:

  • Content of the educational program: requirements of the labor market and actualization
  • How to design a quality educational program
  • The synergy of informal and academic education: tools and best practices
  • Methods of quality training: life hacks from Progressives
  • The question of academic integrity and why it is important in terms of the development of the country?
  • Long life learning for a teacher: a demand from above or a necessity of modernity?
  • Institutional quality assurance of the educational process: formation and development
  • Science as an integral component of the training of a modern specialist
  • Inclusive education.

The acquired knowledge and practical skills will contribute to the improvement of the educational programs “Information technologies in business” of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of training of higher education applicants in the specialty 051 “Economics”, and will also be implemented in the educational process.