Guest online lecture for students of the Department of Economics and Public Administration. Volodymyr Yantsov “HR process: from CV to dismissal of the candidate”олодимира Янцова «HR процес: від CV до звільнення кандидата»

28.10.2022 | 21:47

On October 25, an online guest lecture by Volodymyr Yantsov (training manager at Sigma Software) was held for teachers and students of higher education of the Department of Economics and Public Administration of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management on the topic “HR process: from CV to the dismissal of the candidate.”

A feature of the modern period: employers give preference, first of all, to motivated candidates and employees. Motivated people come up with solutions to the question “What should I choose/do?”, and not with the question “What should I do? What should I study and how much time do I have? etc”.

The lecture was structured according to stages from searching for a candidate to dismissing an employee.

  1. Searching for candidates for vacant positions – which CV employers consider first, how they react within the organization and establish communication with the candidate, and which skills and abilities they pay attention to. Discussed: the image of the HR manager is important when conducting interviews, he should always be ready for interviews.
  2. Adaptation of personnel: onboarding, values ​​and goals of the organization, getting to know the team…
  3. Team and group – difference, teamwork, communications (formal and informal), a delegation of authority, questionnaires (survey). Peculiarities of motivation in modern conditions, the importance of one-to-one communication between a manager and subordinates as a motivator, a personal development plan for an employee, and employee training.
  4. No matter what you want, employees are fired. The reasons for dismissal (personal or professional motivation) should also be known.

This lecture format was more like a brainstorming session.

We thank Volodymyr for an emotional and informative meeting!

 Everything will be Ukraine!