Educational event on avoiding the impact of mines and explosives, how to behave in emergencies

24.05.2022 | 20:47

On May 24, 2022, in pursuance of the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated April 22, 2022, No. 1/408-22, the Department of Economics and Public Administration organised an educational event for applicants for the higher education of bachelor and master’s levels of education (Educational programs “Public Management and Administration”, “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures”).

At the invitation of the Head of the Department of Economics and Public Administration, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Halyna Kaplenko had the opportunity to listen to the head of the Department of Tactical and Special Training of the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs Lieutenant Colonel Yosypiv Yurii Romanovych.

Given the martial law in Ukraine, we must be more aware than ever of avoiding the impression of mines and explosive objects, how to behave in emergencies and how to provide first aid in case of injury.

Yuriy Yosypiv spoke about the trends in the use of explosives and devices in Ukraine until 2014 and after, the “migration” of explosives to peaceful regions from the territories where hostilities, improvised explosive devices, and professional devices explosives are taking place. What explosive devices are used in the rear zone, the zone where the fighting took place and in the area of hostilities? We discussed what our actions should be in case of detecting suspicious objects.

Conclusion: our civic position is attentiveness, in case of detection – to notify law enforcement agencies.