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Course description

Course description
The purpose of the discipline: to study the essence of public management of social development of society, the peculiarities of its implementation in modern conditions; acquainting students with the main areas of management of social and spiritual development of Ukrainian society, the implementation of social and humanitarian policy; as well as to reveal the essence of social protection and security of man and society; consider the main directions of implementation of social policy in the context of social protection.
The main tasks of the discipline:
– acquisition of theoretical knowledge on the problems of public management of social development, understanding the essence of the main categories and concepts;
– understanding the essence of modern models of public management of social development, ideological, legal and economic principles of management of social and humanitarian development in developed democracies;
– acquisition of knowledge of diagnostic methods of public administration of social development and understanding of their importance for the practice of public administration;
– acquisition of skills of free use of primary and additional sources of information on the analysis and development of state programs in the field of social policy;
– training to analyze and systematize the own practical experience of a public servant and provide recommendations for improving the management of social development processes taking place in society.
Requirements for knowledge and skills:
– conceptual principles of state policy in the field of social development;
– features of modern types of welfare states and classification of models of social policy;
– international and national social standards and regulations;
– modern methods of diagnosing and managing the processes of public management of social development;
– main indicators of the level and quality of life; – the essence and content of the elements of the social protection system: social insurance and social assistance;
– Features and prerequisites for reforming the pension system of Ukraine.
be able:
– assess the general trends of social and humanitarian policy of European countries and their usefulness for Ukraine;
– to analyze the main problems of social development of society and the peculiarities of these processes in Ukraine;
– apply methods of social management, principles of social policy to the processes of social and humanitarian development of Ukrainian society;
– to define as priority social criteria at an estimation of results of own activity of the public servant irrespective of its functional character and branch orientation;
– to develop proposals for targeted long-term programs and sets of measures aimed at deepening socio-economic reforms;
– predict the consequences of the implementation of social programs, using the results of social monitoring, sociological research, generalization of social development indicators;
– demonstrate understanding of the main goals of social and humanitarian development of society and the principles of forming management decisions to achieve them;
– analyze and systematize the experience gained in order to prepare analytical reports, reports on the state of social development of the territory, region, city, town and their presentation;
– to predict the possible social consequences of management decisions in the socio-humanitarian sphere;
– to develop practical recommendations to public administration bodies and local self-government bodies on the problems of social and humanitarian development and their presentation;
– to implement the developed social and humanitarian projects and programs.

Recommended Literature

Recommended Books
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Internet resources
1. Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine [Electronic resource]: The only web portal of executive authorities. – Access mode:
2. Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine [Electronic resource]: Unified web portal of executive authorities. – Access mode:
3. Ministry of Culture of Ukraine [Electronic resource]: Единий web portal of executive bodies. – Access mode:
4. Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Unified web portal of executive authorities. – Access mode:
5. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine [Electronic resource]: Official web-portal. – Access mode:
6. Ministry of Health of Ukraine [Electronic resource]: The only web-portal of executive authorities. – Access mode:
7. Ministry of Social Policy [Electronic resource]: Official web-portal. – Access mode:
8. Government portal [Electronic resource]: The only web-portal of executive authorities. – Access mode:


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