Professional training

Type: Normative

Department: department of financial technologies and consulting




SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
764Professor Tiazhkorob Iryna

Course description

The subject of the academic discipline is the theoretical concepts and methodology of forming a strategic set, approaches and criteria for determining and justifying the choice of alternative strategies for the financial development of a business entity under the conditions of a changing environment.
The purpose of the educational discipline
The purpose of the educational discipline is to form students’ strategic thinking and a system of special knowledge regarding the conditions and factors of successful professional activity for solving financial problems of strategic socio-economic development of economic entities, awareness of approaches and methods of professional activity of a specialist in the field of finance, banking and insurance, development of abilities and acquisition of skills of preparation and conduct of professional activities.
Main tasks
To achieve the method, the following basic tasks are set:
– consolidation of knowledge about the content of the professional activity of finance, banking and insurance specialists, the peculiarities of its organizational, information-methodical and analytical support;
– acquiring knowledge about modern domestic and foreign concepts of organizing the process of development and implementation of strategic development plans;
– acquiring skills in applying common approaches to the analysis of the internal and external financial environment of a business entity, methods of determining its competitiveness;
– acquiring knowledge about the methodological principles of formulating goals and missions of business entities, models and methods of developing a strategic set; acquire the ability to substantiate the choice of alternative financial strategies of business entities taking into account the specifics of its functioning and strategic development guidelines.