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616Loboda N. O.УФО-31с


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616УФО-31сLoboda N. O.

Course description



elective discipline



The subject of the academic discipline

The subject of the educational discipline “NETWORKING IN BUSINESS” is commerce in networking and the peculiarities of their accounting and taxation.


The purpose of studying the academic discipline

The purpose of studying the academic discipline is to master the theoretical and organizational foundations of accounting and taxation of commerce in networking according to its types, levels, and functional purpose.


Main tasks

The tasks of studying the discipline are:

acquiring knowledge about various tools for commerce in networking;
acquire practical skills in identifying, accumulating, processing, summarizing, storing data about commerce in networking;
understanding of the principles and approaches to the specific features of the organization and accounting of electronic commerce in networking;
acquire practical skills of specific features of taxation of commerce in networking.


Requirements for knowledge and skills

As a result of studying the educational discipline “NETWORKING IN BUSINESS”, the student should have the following competencies:


ZK01. Ability to learn and master modern knowledge.

ZK02. Ability to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis.

ZK03. Ability to work in a team.

ZK08. Knowledge and understanding of the subject area and understanding of professional activity.

ZK11. Skills in using modern information systems and communication technologies.


SK04. Apply knowledge of law and tax legislation in the practical activities of business entities.

SK06. Carry out accounting procedures using information systems and computer technologies.

SK08. Identify and assess the risks of failure to achieve management goals of the business entity, its non-compliance with legislation and regulation of activity, unreliability of reporting, preservation and use of its resources.


The study of the educational discipline “NETWORKING IN BUSINESS” involves the achievement of such a qualification level of student training, for which he must:

a) know:

the concept of the term “Internet store” and its management meaning;
forms of electronic commerce in networking;
principles and approaches to the organization and peculiarities of the functioning of commerce in networking.
b) be able to:

master the methodology of providing services in networking and the peculiarities of their accounting and taxation;
justification of the economic expediency of using networking when running one’s own successful business;
the ability to realize professional competence regarding the potential of using modern technologies in running one’s own successful business;
find new approaches and proposals for solving specific situational problems in the field of production situations and economic development of the client;
to provide detailed support of networking services to full logical completion with the obtained results.

Program learning outcomes

PR02. Understand the place and importance of accounting, analytical, control, tax and statistical systems in the information provision of users of accounting and analytical information in solving problems in the field of social, economic and environmental responsibility of enterprises.

PR03. Determine the essence of objects of accounting, analysis, control, audit, taxation and understand their role and place in economic activity.

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http://www.osvita/ – сайт Міністерства освіти і науки України

http://web/worldbank/org. – сайт Світового банку



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