Financial services market

Type: Normative

Department: department of financial technologies and consulting




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Course description

The subject of the academic discipline is the relationship that arises in the process of movement of financial resources between the state, legal entities and individuals.
The purpose of the discipline “Financial Services Market” is to study by students the theoretical and organizational foundations of the functioning of financial intermediaries in the financial services market, the structure of the financial services market, methods of its regulation, organizational foundations and the procedure for providing certain types of services, the formation of students’ theoretical knowledge, practical skills and skills in the field of activities of financial intermediaries in the market of financial services.
  • To form students’ understanding of the interrelationships that arise in the process of the activity of individual economic entities in the market of financial services.
  • To reveal the essence of the infrastructure of the financial services market and the system of specialized financial institutions.
  • Learn to identify the needs of consumers of financial services in specific situations and the possibilities of meeting these needs through the provision of various types of financial services.
  • Show the role of the state in the market of financial services, and highlight the main directions of state policy in the field of regulation of financial relations.
  • To develop in students the skills of an economically justified analysis of financial services of various financial market entities and to select services that are most beneficial to the consumer in a specific economic situation.