Practice of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics

Theoretical training of teachers of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics of highly qualified specialists in the educational program “Information Technology in Business” specialty 051 “Economics” is closely combined with the acquisition and improvement of practical skills and abilities in the process of various practices:

  1. the first (bachelor’s) level of education:
  • training practice in information and communication technologies (3rd year);
  • internship (4th year);
  1. the second (master’s) level of education:
  • internship (specialization) (1 year);
  • industrial (undergraduate) practice (2nd year).

Internship programs are focused on acquiring practical skills in organizing and implementing economic activities in the digital economy, modeling socio-economic and business processes, substantiation of optimal management decisions with business analytics tools, as well as software development and use of information technology in various fields of economics, management and business.

The bases of practices are: IT companies, consulting and outsourcing companies, information and analytical departments of business structures etc.