ZOOM-lecture “Borrowings and credits: think 7 times – borrow 1 time”

13.04.2021 | 17:06

12.04.2021 lecturers of the Department of Financial Management Ph.D., Assoc. Tatarin N.B. and Ph.D., Assoc. Klepanchuk O.Yu., who teach the discipline “Finance, Money and Credit”, together with groups UFO-11, UFE-11, UFO-21, UFE-21 listened to a zoom-lecture on the topic “Borrowings and credits: think 7 times – borrow 1 time” organized by the UCU Legal Clinic of Law. The speakers of the seminar were Vitaliy Stelmashchuk and Natalia Zhdanova, Master’s students of the UCU School of Law.

At the beginning of the lecture, the main questions for students were formulated: “Are loans a trap or a profitable tool if there is a lack of money? How to choose a loan that can really be paid and not fall into the debt pit? Who are the collectors and how to communicate with them? What to do if it is impossible to repay the loan on time? How do the state and the law protect the rights of borrowers? ”

During the seminar-lecture the essence of credits and their types, how to choose credit offers correctly and prudently were considered, and also students together passed a way from registration to closing of the credit. At the end of the lecture there was a short quiz to consolidate the heard material.

The information received by the students was supported by a multimedia presentation.