Meeting of the student research group of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics

09.12.2023 | 11:28

December 7, 2023, under the guidance of Doctor of Economics, Assoc. Yaremy Oleg Romanovych, on the MS Teams platform, a planned online meeting of the student scientific group of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics was traditionally held on the topic: Digital technologies in the economy and business.

The topic of the meeting was chosen as part of the study of the discipline “Digital Economy” by the students.

At the meeting of the scientific group, the speakers were students in the course of the UFE-31c group, teachers of the department and students studying under the OP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics”.

The meeting was held in the form of reports prepared by students and recommended by the head of the group, as well as further discussion of problematic issues on the topic.

The following student reports were heard and discussed:

  1. Anna Kozik – Dynamics of the IT Market in the Crisis: A Look at Outsourcing and Startups
  2. Zvarych Solomiya – Meme-coins in the crypto world: analysis of popular and new players
  3. Veronika Markevich – Blockchain technologies: features, prospects
  4. Iryna Mikhalchyshyn – “Open spaces: examples and application of the blue ocean strategy”
  5. Sofya Tymchyshyn – “Combating computer crimes: problems and ways to solve them”
  6. Maryna Yaremchuk – “Digital culture and generation.”

The teachers of the department actively participated in the discussion of the problematic issues of the reports.

We thank all speakers and teachers of the department for their interest in this topic and hope for fruitful cooperation.

We invite all those willing and interested to the next meetings of the scientific group!

Till next time!