Meeting of the student research group of the department of digital economy and business analytics “Kyberprostir”

22.11.2022 | 15:38

On November 21, 2022, there was a meeting of the student research group of the department of digital economy and business analytics “CYBERPROSTIR” (section 2 “Using information technologies in the study of socio-economic phenomena” – head of Doctor of Economics, Professor I.B. Shevchuk).

The meeting of the scientific circle was attended by first-year students studying under the OP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics”.

The head of the circle focused the attention of the students of higher education on the fact that the scientific circle is a form of mastering the skills of scientific research by future specialists, the work in the scientific circle has a creative nature and will nurture in them the qualities of a researcher, develop the ability to solve tasks that have practical significance for ensuring information and technological development of socio-economic systems. Possible scientific topics of scientific reports and publications were discussed. Participants learned about the peculiarities of scientific publications, the choice of the topic of scientific research, the conditions for participation in conferences, round tables and other events of the department, the University and beyond.

For the first reports of the students, a topic was chosen as a continuation of the subject of classes in the discipline “Introduction to the profession”, which covers the analysis of the factors of the external environment that affect the development of the IT sphere in Ukraine, and existing problems of a socio-economic nature that can be successfully solved by using information systems and technologies.

The speakers’ presentations were prepared at a high professional level and had a scientific and practical approach to the disclosure of the chosen research direction.

Many thanks to all participants! We wish you fruitful work this academic year!

We invite all willing students who are interested in research work to join the work of the circle!

Until the next meetings!