Defense of coursework by students of higher education ЕP “Information technologies in business”

17.04.2023 | 08:48

On April 12, 2023, the defense of the coursework of students of the UFE-41s group of the ЕP “Information Technologies in Business” specialty 051 “Economics” took place. This type of scientific activity deepens the knowledge acquired during undergraduate studies, improves the skills of independent work, and forms professional competencies – the ability to select and analyze information, solve theoretical and practical tasks in one’s specialty, and correctly and competently present the results of one’s work.

The topics of the works differed in relevance and were related to the following:

  • forecasting socio-economic processes;
  • the use of artificial intelligence technology both in everyday life and in decision-making;
  • visual analysis of data on the development of e-government in Ukraine in the context of ensuring the automation of communication between government and business (G2B), assessing the current state and prospects for the development of the NFT market;
  • modeling and optimization of the company’s business processes;
  • development of websites for business structures of various spheres of activity;
  • economic-mathematical modeling of enterprise activity to find and make effective management decisions;
  • the technical and economic justification for the development of game applications;
  • monitoring trends in the development of inflationary processes in Ukraine, commodity markets, the dynamics of the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus infection, the digitalization processes of Ukrainian enterprises, and their impact on the national economy.

The commission consisting of professor Iryna SHEVCHUK and associate professors of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics Bohdan DEPUTAT and Iryna BORSHCHUK assessed the level of formation of general (key) and professional competencies acquired by students in the process of mastering the educational material. Students Andriy VASKO, Oleg SEMKIV, Oksana GULA, Iryna BEGUN, Vladyslav KOVALCHUK, Maria LENKO, and Yaroslav YARYNYCH showed an excellent ability to synthesize the acquired theoretical knowledge and use it during the study of practical problems.

The defense of term papers is of great importance because it gives students experience in public speaking. In addition, by defending the course work, the student learns to comprehensively justify the proposed ways of solving economic problems, as well as to understand the work performed deeply.

Congratulations to the students on completing another stage of their professional development! We wish you inspiration, perseverance, and effort in mastering the professional qualities of a specialist in the field of economics, capable of solving complex specialized tasks and applied problems in the field of modeling socio-economic and business processes, justifying optimal management solutions, applying information technologies in various segments of the economy, management, and business, to develop universal and specialized computer programs!

Together to victory!!!