Young scientists from the Faculty of Financial Management and Business joined the discussion of ways to restore and stabilize the economy after the victory of Ukraine

22.05.2022 | 15:44

Discussions on the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war are increasingly active not only at the national level, but also among scientists and students of LNU. Ivan Franko, in particular among the active youth of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”.
Intense discussions of both experienced scientists and young people are justified, because after the victory the second front will open – the economic one. In the shortest possible time it will be necessary not only to restore our economy, but also to identify ways of its further sustainable development. Science Festival at Lviv University. More than 80 students took part in the seminars, as well as teachers of the Department of Financial Management.

The event was initiated by the leaders of the student research groups “Tax Space” (Assoc. Prof. Olga Sych), “Finance and Business” (Assoc. Prof. Sofia Smolinska) and students and graduate students – future financial managers who showed their vision of overcoming structural shocks for Ukraine’s economy. the main directions of restoration, stabilization and development of our country in the postwar period and have defined their place as a future specialist economist-financier in this process.

Topics selected for discussion “Reforming the tax system: strategic progress or manual management?” and “Financial innovations for doing business under martial law” is extremely important, because the economic front is no less relevant today than the military, and our victory depends on the efforts of everyone. That is why representatives of both small and medium-sized and large businesses will need to make every effort to restart the business, resume production and increase economic activity.

How to live tomorrow, after our victory? How to restore and develop Ukraine after the war? The participants of the scientific discussions focused on tax innovations during martial law and their impact on taxpayers, ensuring prompt and continuous execution of local budgets for the effective functioning of the budget sphere and the needs of residents of local communities during martial law, which requires a number of effective and efficient solutions.

Russia’s full-scale military invasion has dealt a powerful blow to all parts of our country’s economic system, and the economy has faced an unprecedented shock. Thus, the global network of economists Center for Economic Policy Research estimated the total cost of Ukraine’s reconstruction after the war at more than 200-500 billion euros (220-540 billion dollars). Therefore, a broad discussion of these issues countries are extremely important.

In this context, the head of the Department of Financial Management, Professor Natalia Sytnyk said that a modern specialist in finance should not only have theoretical knowledge and practical skills, but also successfully organize processes and make decisions, overcoming certain difficulties, especially martial law, and be able to argue to defend their opinion in the discussion. This statement was clearly supported by the participants of scientific and practical seminars, who prepared and presented an infographic on problematic issues of taxation and business in martial law using software products Google Charts, Infogram, Venngage.

As a result of the round tables, more than 60 abstracts were prepared with proposals to improve the tax system and business environment to restore and stabilize the economy at the macro and micro levels after the victory of Ukraine. In their research, young researchers have actively used European experience, drawing on best regulatory practices in the European Union.

Dean of the Faculty of Financial and Business Management Andriy Stasyshyn marked the participants of the seminars with personal certificates and stressed that such ambitious, active and creative youth is the key to Ukraine’s future victory and prosperity.