XX International Economic Forum

16.09.2021 | 19:44
On September 16, the XX International Economic Forum started in Lviv.
The forum was attended by Ukrainian business, leading international companies, representatives of local governments, deputies, diplomats, representatives of trade missions from abroad, experts.
Hanna Komarnytska, Head of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management, visited the forum to establish cooperation with stakeholders and exchange experiences.
The main goal of the department’s educational and professional program “Public Administration and Business Management” is to train qualified and competitive specialists in the labor market for state institutions, public authorities and local governments with a high level of professional competence in public-private sector skills.
Excellent speakers and meaningful expert reports. Extremely useful information for personal self-development, especially when the departmental educational program is directly related to the interaction of government and business.
The International Economic Forum is a platform for interaction between government and business. The panel discussions discussed the needs and development of business, intensification of cross-border cooperation, attraction of investments and international technical assistance, establishment of useful business contacts between Ukrainian and foreign business circles, exchange of experience and formation of a new concept of doing and developing business in the COVID-19 pandemic.