Welcome week for first-year students of educational programs “Public administration and administration. Personnel management in public authorities and business structures”

15.09.2021 | 18:17

13.09 at the University began Welcome week. Our first-year students of the Educational Programs “Public Administration. Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures” actively get acquainted with the University, faculty and their chosen speciality.

15/09 first-year students of the graduating department of economics and public administration had an interesting meeting. Our guests: Head of the Interregional Department of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service in Lviv and Zakarpattia regions Yaroslav Koval, Director of the Municipal Institution “Center for Social Services of Davydivka village council of Lviv district of Lviv region” Natalia Podvirna.


It is always interesting and relevant to hear information, not from a teacher, but from practitioners. Difference between civil servants and local government officials. Prospects for professional development and career growth in the speciality 281 Public Management and Administration. What changes are taking place in public authorities and local governments? How social projects are developed and implemented. Our students also shared their thoughts on the chosen speciality and educational programs.

Our meeting was interesting, lively and informative!


Thank you to the guests and look forward to the next meetings!