31.03.2021 | 10:47

On March 30, 2020, teachers and students of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management held an educational class dedicated to the WORLD THEATER DAY. International Theater Day has been celebrated annually on March 27 since 1962. It was founded in Vienna at the IX Congress of the International Theater Institute at UNESCO. According to its statute, the activities should be aimed at “strengthening peace and friendship between peoples, expanding the creative cooperation of all world leaders.”

On this occasion, third-year students (curator Bobko L.O) prepared interesting information about the history of Lviv theaters. In particular, the head of the group Vovk Victoria told about the history and traditions of the Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet, and the student Koziy Khrystyna acquainted the audience with the creative achievements of the artistic group Maria Zankovetska Theater.

Speakers noted that the theater has always been extremely important ethical and artistic value, contributed to the formation of aesthetic taste, broadening horizons. Whether we listen to opera, enjoy the skill and grace of ballet dancers, or watch the play of dramatic actors with awe, we always feel the special atmosphere of the holiday. That is why the International Theater Day is not only a professional holiday of stage masters; it is a holiday of millions of grateful spectators and admirers of high art.