Teacher of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics – participant of the “Tech Summer Bootcamp for Teachers – 2023” project

04.09.2023 | 12:41

During July-August 2023, Associate Professor of Digital Economy and Business Analytics A.V. Zadorozhna took a course of webinars combined within the project “Tech Summer Bootcamp for Teachers – 2023”, which was organized by the SoftServe company. The following educational modules were presented for educators:

  • Science as an engineer’s superpower: an example of quantum programming;
  • Cybersecurity in Education: Accreditation, Challenges and Innovations 2023;
  • Active involvement of students in the online learning process: challenges and solutions;
  • The Game Changer: Generative AI in Data Management;
  • Project Management: deep dive inline.

Within the scope of the project, a wide range of issues were considered, in particular:

  • accreditation of specialized IT areas: problems and ways of improvement (on the experience of accreditation of the area of cyber security);
  • use of online platforms for students using RangeForce as an example;
  • interaction with IT companies for the use of information technologies in the educational process;
  • practical methods and tools to help improve student engagement, effective communication, collaboration, and overall engagement in an online learning environment;
  • basics of artificial intelligence technology that generates different types of data, ways of using it for data analysis;
  • concept of the project and software tools for managing it, etc.

The materials presented by the SoftServe company will make it possible to raise the level of teaching of the department’s academic disciplines, and will promote the use of the latest technologies.

According to the results of the “Tech Summer Bootcamp for Teachers – 2023” course, associate professor A.V. Zadorozhnaya a certificate of its completion was received.