Educational event “Independence in each of us” with students of the group UFE-31c OP “Information technologies in business”

29.09.2022 | 12:21

On September 28, 2022, an online meeting of the UFE-31c group took place with the adviser, associate professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics A.I. Starukh. The theme of the educational event: “Independence in each of us.”

The history of Ukraine is the history of the struggle for independence. And today this struggle continues. And our indomitability in the face of the Russian onslaught will turn Ukraine into a strong, prosperous and invincible country.

During the meeting, the main stages of the formation of modern Ukraine were discussed. Students also shared their thoughts about state independence, as well as internal freedom, because the will of the people is born from the will and freedom of each of us.

Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to heroes!