Educational online event for students of the group UFE-41c OP “Information technologies in business” on the topic: “The main stages of Ukrainian state formation”

28.09.2022 | 11:02

On September 27, 2022, to the Independence Day of Ukraine, associate professors of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, A. V. Zadorozhna, and the curator of the UFE-41 group, Yu. A. Stadnyk, held an educational event on the topic: “Main stages of Ukrainian state formation.”

During the educational hour, the main stages of the formation of Ukrainian statehood, historical circumstances and problems that accompanied the state-building processes in our country were considered.

It is emphasized that the origins of the formation of Ukrainian statehood should be sought in “grey antiquity” – the first centuries of our era, when the first state formations appeared in the Northern Black Sea and Azov regions. In the second half of the 1st millennium AD. e. there is a gradual process of formation of the state, which is known as Kievan Rus, its adoption of Christianity, the entry of this state into the world political arena.


Despite the constant pressure on the ancestors of modern Ukrainians from their aggressive neighbors, the process of Ukrainian state formation did not stop. The rather successful struggle of Ukrainians against expansion by their neighbors eloquently testifies to the same. This was evidenced by the national liberation war led by Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and the adoption of the Constitution by Pylyp Orlyk. One cannot fail to mention such an important focus of the struggle for Ukrainian statehood as Zaporizhia Sich.

An extremely important stage of Ukrainian statehood falls on the period of national liberation struggles from 1917 to 1923. Despite the defeat of these struggles, the struggle for Ukrainian statehood did not stop. It actually lasted until August 1991, when the sovereignty of Ukraine was proclaimed and recognized by the world powers. And now, in difficult war times, Ukraine continues to fight for its independence, its defense is supported by the Ukrainian military, whose courage and devotion to the ideas of the Ukrainian state, their love of freedom and patriotism shake the world.