Open lecture on the subject “Computer Graphics”

15.05.2021 | 19:18

May 14, 2021 Associate Professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics Stadnyk Yu.A. for students of the UFE-31c group, studying on the educational program “Information Technologies in Business”, specialty 051 “Economics”, using the means of the corporate platform for communications and joint data processing Microsoft Teams, an open lecture was held on the topic: “Resolution of graphic images” discipline “Computer graphics”.

The class was attended by the head and teachers of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics: Assoc. Shevchuk I.B., Assoc. Myshchyshyn O.Ya., Assoc.Zadorozhna A.V., senior teacher Vaskiv O.M., senior teacher Sytnyk V.Yu.

During the discussion of the open lecture, scientific and pedagogical staff noted its methodological and content (issues are set out completely, clearly and logically), argumentation (judgments confirmed by facts and examples), practical significance (demonstrated examples of practical application of the presented material), professional mastery of the topic, maintaining contact with the audience, progressive format with the use of software for image processing and for remote work, ease of perception of the material.

In general, the lecture was given at a high scientific and methodological level and meets the modern requirements of higher education.