Open lecture of Oleg YAREMA, associate professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics

30.05.2023 | 08:39


On May 23, 2023, an open lecture by Yarema Oleh Romanovych, associate professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, was held on the topic: “Internet advertising and legal aspects of regulating relations in social networks.”

The lecture was held for students of the 2nd year of the UFE-21s group, specialty 051 “Economics” OP “Information technologies in business”. Also, students of the 1st year of the UFE-11c group joined the lecture.

Lecturers of the department of digital economy and business analytics, head of the department I.B. Shevchuk joined the discussion of the lecture. and Faculty Dean Stasyshyn A.V.

The following issues were discussed at the lecture:

  1. Legal regulation of advertising. In particular, the legal concepts of advertising, principles of advertising, prohibitions on advertising.
  2. Features and types of advertising on the Internet, including: media advertising, banner advertising, contextual advertising, promotion in social networks, geo-contextual advertising, viral advertising, product placement in online games, e-mail as advertising, pop-up (ror-ur) windows and spyware, electronic bulletin boards, and participation in ratings.
  3. Legal aspects of regulating relations in social networks, in particular legal regulation of the behavior of certain categories of persons when using social networks (judges, lawyers, prosecutors, deputies, etc.)
  4. Protection of intellectual property rights for signs for goods and services, in particular, legal protection of the right to a trademark in social networks.
  5. Blocking access to social networks in different countries and filtering content on social networks.