Open lecture of associate professor Myshchyshyn O.Ya. on the topic “Using graph theory to solve network problems”

30.04.2021 | 14:31

April 29, 2021 lecturer at the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics Myshchyshyn O.Ya. for students of the group UFE-31, studying in the educational program “Information Technology in Business” specialty 051 “Economics”, held an open lecture on “Operations Research” on “Using graph theory to solve network problems”.

The lecture covered the sequence of construction of optimization algorithms for solving network problems. Using graph theory and the Python programming language, real examples of using the Dijkstra algorithm for route optimization problems are demonstrated.

Teachers of the department discussed the results of the lesson. Remarks and wishes were expressed by the head of the department Shevchuk I.B. and teachers Vaskiv O.M., Zadorozhna A.V.