A meeting of the “Information Technologies and Modeling” subsection of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics was held as part of the 2023 Report Scientific Conference of the University.

06.02.2024 | 16:38

On February 5, 2024, the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics held a meeting of the subsection “Information Technologies in Business and Modeling” as part of the Report Scientific Conference of the Ivan Franko University for 2023, which was attended by the department’s teaching staff.

The meeting was opened by the head of the Department of Economics, Prof. I. B. Shevchuk, who summarized the results of the scientific work of the department for the past year, outlined the main directions of scientific and research cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign scientists in 2024 and focused the attention of employees on the current tasks of scientific work (implementation of the department’s NDR; writing articles in scientific publications included in international scientometric databases Scopus, Web of Science, articles in specialized scientific publications of Ukraine; participation in international conferences, round tables, other events; support of scientific research of young scientists).

The reports of the conference participants were heard and discussed, which related to current economic problems, as well as the use of information technologies in various spheres of human activity.

          Topics of reports:

  1. Prof. Shevchuk I. B. Peculiarities of structural transformations of the IT market of Ukraine.
  2. Assoc. Borshchuk I. V. Requirements management as a business process in IT enterprises.
  3. Senior Lecturer Vaskiv O. M. UML in the paradigm of object-oriented programming.
  4. Assoc. Deputy B. Ya. Basic approaches for data synchronization between independent information systems.
  5. Assoc. Zadorozhna A. V. About multiplier effects in the economy of Ukraine.
  6. Assoc. Myshchyshyn O. Ya. Rational and irrational aspects in the economy.
  7. Assoc. Romanych I. B. Conceptual principles of modeling postal logistics processes.
  8. Assoc. Ruda I. I. Economic and financial consequences of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
  9. Senior Lecturer Sytnyk V. Yu. Artificial intelligence in business management.
  10. Assoc. Stadnyk Yu. A. IT industry in Ukraine: recent trends.
  11. Assoc. Yarema O. R. Cybercrime in Ukraine: analysis of cases according to the criminal code.

In addition, further directions of scientific research work of the department are planned. In particular, these are: information technology development of the economy; informatization and information society; the role of the IT sphere in the modern economy; optimization of management of socio-economic processes using information technologies and mathematical modeling tools; formation and regulation of the development of the digital economy; organizational and economic principles of functioning of IT-business and crypto-business; business intelligence models, tools and technologies.

In general, the scientific potential of the department of digital economy and business analytics is high, and we expect that next year there will be more scientific research works, and scientific and pedagogical workers will fully implement their scientific ideas and ideas by publishing monographs and articles in international scientometric databases etc.