Another meeting of Section 1. “Using mathematical models in economic research” of the student scientific circle “Cyberspace” took place

28.11.2022 | 14:55

On November 25, 2022, a planned meeting of Section 1. “Using mathematical models in economic research” of the student research group of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics “Kyberprostir” took place (head, Doctor of Economics, Assoc. Yarem O.R.). The topic of the meeting was chosen as part of the study by students of the discipline “Digital Economy”, namely: “Digitalization and digital development of the economy and business”.


The meeting of the scientific circle was attended by teachers of the department and students of 3-4 years studying under OP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics”. The meeting was held in the form of reports prepared by students and recommended by the head of the group, as well as further discussion of problematic issues on the topic.

The following reports were heard and discussed:

  1. Yakovets Iryna (UFE-31c group) Logistics processes in the field of electronic commerce.(Electronic commerce logistics. Concepts and forms. own logistics; dropshipping; one-stop e-commerce. Indicators for evaluating the efficiency of logistics chains. Changes in logistics services in Ukraine
  2. Oleh Maletskyi (UFE-41c group) Global electronic business(Fundamentals of e-business. Business models in e-business. World trends and the future of e-commerce).
  3. Victoria Kozerema (UFE-31c group) Optimizing enterprise business processes using CRM systems.(Local CRM system, Local CRM system, Principles of CRM systems, Advantages of CRM systems for the sales department and business. Overview and characteristics of the best CRM systems in Ukraine).


  1. Tech Serhiy (UFE-41c group) Virtualization of public relations and social networks(The essence of virtualization, Global economy and virtualization, virtual society, virtualization of the state, characteristics of the most used social networks in Ukraine and the world and trends in their use in electronic commerce)
  2. Lenko Maria (UFE-41c group) Peculiarities of regtech and suptech technologies in the digital economy.(Advantages, disadvantages and areas of application of Fintech, SupTech and Regtech technologies in the economy)

  1. Mazur Nazar (UFE-31c group) How do e-commerce companies use Google Analytics?

(Concepts of Google Analytics, main reports (on engagement, on visitor behavior, on conversions). Customization section. Reports by segments).

  1. Hnativ Nazar (UFE-31s group) Internet Store(Concept of an online store. Classification of online stores. Creation of an online store. Use of an online store by a consumer. Communication with a client).

    The presentations of the participants-speakers were presented at a high level using current statistical data, trends and research. The obtained research results are of a practical nature, scientific novelty and unique content and will be recommended for writing theses of reports and scientific articles.

We thank all speakers and teachers of the department for their interest in this topic and hope for fruitful cooperation.

We invite all those willing and interested to the next meetings of the scientific group!

Until We Meet Again!