An open lecture was held by the head of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, Professor Iryna SHEVCHUK

22.05.2024 | 10:29

On May 21, 2024, an open lecture by the head of the department of digital economy and business analytics, professor Iryna SHEVCHUK from the discipline “Object-oriented programming” on the topic “Input-output flows. Working with files”. The lecture was attended by the students of the UFE-21c group of the OP “Information Technologies in Business”, the faculty and teaching staff of the department, the dean of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management, associate professor Andriy STASYSHYN and members of the Academic Council of the faculty, professor Hanna KOMARNYTSKA, associate professor Svitlana PRIYMAK.

During the lecture:

  • the features of working with streams and files in Java were considered using specific examples;
  • got acquainted with the functionality of a number of Java classes for working with streams (bytes, symbols), where the source of reading/writing information is a file, console, array;
  • discussed I/O optimization through buffered streams;
  • considerable attention was paid to how object serialization (deserialization) works in Java and why it is needed;
  • Java tools for working with ZIP archives are analyzed.

The presented lecture material has practical value and allows students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in creating application programs in the Java language to perform practical tasks when writing a coursework on modeling and automation of business processes.