The students of Lviv became for a day students of the ЕP “Information technologies in business” as part of the UniWeek project

27.04.2023 | 21:15

“UniWeek” has started at Ivan Franko Lviv National University! As part of the project, Lviv students had the opportunity to visit real couples and talk with students and teachers at their chosen faculty.

On April 25-26, 2023, students of Lyceum No. 93 in Lviv, Sofia RUDNYTSKA and Nazar BILAS, became participants in the educational process at the Faculty of Finance and Business Management.

Together with students of groups UFE-21c and UFE-31c ЕP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics”:

  • in the discipline “Object-oriented programming” (lecturer Prof. Iryna SHEVCHUK) discussed the topic “ChatGPT in programming” and tried its possibilities for improving, debugging, testing program codes;
  • in the discipline “Forecasting Socio-Economic Processes” (lecturer Prof. Iryna SHEVCHUK) during the opening of the topic “Joint work in Office 365: how to work effectively in a team” participated in the development in MS Planner of a project to study trends in the development of the IT market of Ukraine.

We sincerely wish the students to fully enjoy the student atmosphere and gain love for their future Alma Mater.

Such “UNIweek” they will definitely not forget!