Participation of teachers in the conference «IT Ukraine Legal Conference 2022»

14.07.2022 | 16:28

📅On July 14, 2022, teachers of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv had the opportunity to participate in the conference “IT Ukraine Legal Conference 2022” organized by the “IT Ukraine” Association ( .ua). The event brought together state and business representatives, lawyers, financiers, HR and other specialists to discuss issues relevant to the Ukrainian IT industry.

The panelists focused on such issues as:

🔎 Ukraine under martial law: state fiscal policy and state initiatives to support the IT industry

🔎 Ukraine on the European landscape of IT hubs: ensuring competitiveness

🔎 Forced relocation to EU countries: possible tax consequences and aspects of tax structuring

🔎 The current state and future of the gig collaboration model

🔎 Mobilization and procedure of reservation of employees

🔎 Protection of intellectual property rights, non-disclosure and non-competition agreements in light of Diya.City law

🔎 FOP payments to payment systems and foreign accounts – to be or not to be?

🔎 Innovations of the National Bank for the development and digitization of the financial sector

🔎 Frequently asked questions by IT professionals about personal finance

🔎 Transformation of business and IT product: how to save business and help the state

🔎 Search for foreign financing for Ukrainian IT companies

🔎 Some regulatory aspects of charitable activities

🔎 Business operation under martial law

🔎 Salary Research: An Analytical Tool for Retaining and Motivating Teams

🔎 Intellectual property and protection of personal data under martial law

🔎 Prospects of international partnership in the development of the IT industry

💻📒 The issues discussed at the event regarding the specifics of IT business work in the conditions of martial law will be used to fill and update the content of the educational disciplines taught to students who obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees under the “Information Technologies in Business” educational program. In particular, these are such educational disciplines as “Digital economy”, “IT law”, “HR manager and recruiter in an IT company (training course)”, “Business processes and HR analytics”, “Economics and organization of software production products”, “Project management”, “Anti-crisis and intelligent business management technologies”, “Decision-making systems”, etc.