Participation of teachers of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics in the webinar “Agilists about Agile” from SoftServe

26.04.2021 | 13:47

April 26, 2021 Associate Professor of Digital Economics and Business Analytics Zadorozhna A.V. attended the webinar “Agilists about Agile”, organized by SoftServe. The questions raised at the webinar concerned such an important flexible software development methodology as Agile. In the form of an interesting conversation, the question of how to approach the implementation of Agile in a team or organization, the need to assess its advantages and disadvantages for the workflow was discussed. The concepts of flexible leadership and what Scrum means, in which cases Scrum does not work and whether it is appropriate to comply with its requirements, discussed the importance of retrospectives for the project. The webinar is interesting to see the principles and logic of the Agile development methodology from a practical point of view.